DESIGN INFINITY (Architects in Chennai):

Design Infinity is a leading Architecture in Chennai with more than 10 years of experience in the design field. Innovative designs, out-of-the-box thinking and cost-effective solutions are the reason how we stand out from the rest of the Architecture Firms in Chennai. We are specialized in residential, hospitality, corporate, Hospitals and Institutional projects. Design Infinity is a top hand when it comes to High-end Residential Architecture and Interior designer Chennai. We have designed High end residential and Villas with a built area of 25000 Sq ft. We are one of the Top Architects in Chennai specialized in designing Hospitals, Restaurants, Corporate Office, Hotels and Resorts. Irrespective of Category, Scale or budget we approach every project as an opportunity to provide our Client, the best-in-class design consultancy and add value to the project.


Design Infinity is one of the Best Architects in Chennai. We believe that Architecture is a creative design approach that analyses the constraints and opportunities in a Site to extract the best possibilities out of it. Besides aesthetics, we go far beyond in terms of the Client’s vision, budget and the feasibility of their needs. We in Design Infinity have a team of young Architects in Chennai who are the reason behind our Success story. Design Infinity is one of the Architecture Firms in Chennai driven by the idea that the best design is born from Innovation, craftsmanship and fun.

Design Infinity is active in many fields of Architecture and in various scales. We have done projects all over Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. Down the history, we have done both public and private buildings, conversion of existing buildings, renovations and public spaces.

Our expertise provides full Architectural design service from concept design to construction supervision. Our experience broadly ranges both types and sizes, from private houses, Villas, residential buildings, rowhouses, gated communities, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Commercial and Corporate offices. We Design Infinity Architects in Chennai work on a project design along with the set of Construction Documents. Construction documents usually consist of Working drawings and specifications. We follow a methodology for a each and every Architecture project.

  • Phase 1: Site Documentation / Layout design
  • Phase 2: 3D Façade design / Elevation design
  • Phase 3: Structural and Architectural Working drawings
  • Phase 4: MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design and drawings.
  • Phase 5: Material Specifications and BOQ (Bill Of Quantity)
  • Phase 6: Site co ordination / Supervision

Phase 1 : Documentation / Layout design (Best Architects in Chennai)

After receiving the Signed contract/approval mail we do a site visit and site documentation if the Client doesn’t have the Site dimension details, thus gathering all Site, Regulations and Program information and the Client’s detail requirements and needs. Preparing a conceptual layout with all the available data. A layout design is done by considering factors such as Efficient space utilization, Functional layout and Green design strategies to attain maximum natural lighting and ventilation. The final rendered layout will be provided once the Client approves the Schematic layout after the required number of revisions.

Phase 2 : 3D Façade design / Elevation design

After receiving the Layout design approval mail from the Client, we move on to 3D Façade design / Elevation design. The façade design is nothing but a 3Dimensional representation of the layout design. Façade design can be done in various styles such as Classical, Modern, Contemporary.. etc. based on the Client’s preference. Architects in Design Infinity advise you on how best the building façade can be designed also by considering the budget and avoiding meaningless projections and designs on the Elevations. We provide you the Elevation design for all four directions (North, South, West and East) based on the Site extent.

Phase 3: Architectural Working drawings and Structural drawings.

The major part of the design is done once the Client approves the Layout design / Plan and the Façade design / Elevation design. Next stage will be creating GFC (Good for Construction) Working drawings, Structural drawings and other Construction-related drawings. We will provide you the following set of Architectural working drawings,

  • GFC Layout drawings for all the Floors
  • Brickwork drawings for all the Floors.
  • Door and Window Schedule - Dimensions
  • Door and Window joinery details (Wooden Doors and Windows)
  • Staircase and Handrail detail drawings
  • Building Elevation drawings for all the four directions and Section drawings
  • Compound wall detail drawings.

Detail drawings for any other elements used in the proposed Architectural design Design Infinity Architecture firms in Chennai are associated with some well-experienced Structural Consultants who are also License holders. We provide you with the Structural drawings that are done by the Licensed Structural Consultant. Following are the drawings list,

  • Centre – Line Marking drawings
  • Foundation drawings
  • Structural detail for Earthquake resistance / Seismic design if opted
  • Grade beam drawings
  • Roof / Floor Beam drawings
  • Roof / Floor Slab drawings
  • Reinforcement and cross-section detail drawings
  • Staircase detail drawings
  • Compound wall detail drawings
  • Sump. Septic tank and Overhead tank detail drawings

Any other drawings needed for building the Structure of the proposed design.

Phase 4 : MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design and drawings.

Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical and Plumbing drawings will be provided by our MEP Consultants. We will provide you the drawings which will show you the AC Indoor and Outdoor locations. The required amount of Tonnage will be provided by the professionals. They will also provide you with the details of Ducting and Units if we prefer VRF units (Centralized Air Conditioning). Design Infinity Architects in Chennai will be providing you with the following Electrical drawings,

  • Design and Engineering of all Lighting distribution boards
  • Power distribution boards and Genset requirements.
  • Electrical Schematic Diagram
  • Electrical Working GFC drawings for all the Floors.
  • Load calculation and drawings with GENSET provisions.
  • AC location drawings - Indoor and Outdoor units
  • Interior lighting layout drawing for all the floors
  • Exterior lighting layout drawings
  • Electrical fittings and Switches layout.

Design Infinity Best Architects in Chennai will be providing you with the following Plumbing drawings,

  • Design and Engineering of all Plumbing pipelines
  • Arriving at the Overhead tank, Septic tank and Sump capacity based on the Client’s requirement
  • Waterline piping drawings from Sump / Overhead tank to Individual Bathrooms
  • Drainage line piping from individual bathrooms to Septic tank / Drainage system
  • Location drawing for inspection chambers and gully traps at regular intervals.
  • External water supply drawings.
  • Internal water supply drawings
  • External drainage drawings
  • Internal drainage drawings
  • Water riser diagram
  • Rainwater harvesting detail drawing
Phase 5: Material Specifications and BOQ (Bill Of Quantity)

After completing the design and entire set of drawings we will provide you the Material specifications. A
specification is a detailed description of construction, materials, type of materials and dimensions. We willbe helping you with the selection of materials based on the proposed design considering the project
estimation. Final BOQ (Bill of Quantity) will have arrived by which we can get Quotations from vendors and

Phase 6: Site coordination / Supervision (Top Architects in Chennai)

Design Infinity leading Architects in Chennai believe that Architect’s Site coordination with the
Contractors is the Key role during the Construction. We will be visiting the Site at regular intervals and
whenever the Contractors has some design clarifications. We will make sure the Construction is done
based on the drawings provided by us.


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