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We Design Infinity ensure that your search for the Best Interior Designers in Chennai ends here.  A built form from exterior is far different from experiencing the space within it. Being one of the Top Interior designers in Chennai we do an intensive research on the selection of materials, colours and finishes involved in the Interior design as well as on the custom design furnishings creating a sophisticated and functionally efficient design. We one of the top Interior decorators in Chennai design spaces that don’t simply looks good, we design them to feel good too and we are extremely great at it.

Design Infinity Interior designers in Chennai specialize in planning and design and offer a full service from designing a new spaces, renovation of existing one to high end Interior designs. Through a combination of unique materials, innovative lighting and visionary design concept, Design Infinity prides itself on offering Interior design service that goes above and beyond expectations. Our focus is to deliver a level of quality, service and innovation that leaves no room for compromise.

Our experience and expertise ranges from Residential and Villas to Corporate, Hospitality, Commercial Interiors, Hospitals and Health care Interiors.

Residential Interiors / Villa Interiors :

Residential and Villa Interiors is the art of creating space by considering the factors such as Aesthetic, comfort, style and functionality. Our ultimate goal is to create a living space that enhance the lifestyle of the Client. The basic Design starts by understanding the Clients interest and needs. Design Infinity Interior decorators in Chennai  provide a combination of Interior furniture layout options, sketches and 3D Visualization to the Client to make them understand the insight of the vision we wish to create. We visualize the end results at the design stage to avoid the unnecessary changes and expenses during Site execution. A residential Interior design can be modern, classic or contemporary based on the context and Client’s requirement. We also make sure that the Interior design falls under the Client’s budget and Estimation. We have a team of Architects involved in the Material selection with the Client, suggesting the best that suits the Interior design. Design Infinity has done Residential Interior projects from Apartments to Individual Villas and Bungalows of 20,000 Sq ft Built up area.

Best Corporate Interior designers in Chennai

Corporate Interiors refers to designing of Office spaces, Work rooms, Board rooms and other Work spaces in a Corporate buildings. We believe that functionality, technology and Brand identity are the key factor for the Corporate Interior design. We ensure that the space is utilized for the maximum benefits and impact. We deeply study the brand and vision to create an exceptional design that remains in keeping with the past, present and future. Right from the Reception, Workspace to Board room Design Infinity engages its years of expertise and creativity to provide a aesthetical and valuable design solution to our Clients. Human beings are designed to respond to the environment in which they are placed, thus Design Infinity make sure to deliver a pleasant Office environment to boost productivity and Employees performance. In a collaborative approach with the Client, we apply design principle, space analysis and knowledge integration, in order to produce an interior Office space which is attractive, productive and reflects the Company value.

Hospitality :

Interior design in Hospitality is primarily on service industries including Hotels, Restaurant, Café, Bars, Fitness club, Lounges  and Country Clubs, We are expertise in striking the balance between high-end luxury and top notch functionality to create spaces that both business owners and customers will love. Design Infinity Interiors in Chennai understands that the highly competitive hospitality sector needs and innovative design to ensure customer retention. We strongly believe that a successful hospitality project reflects the cultural context and create a local experience for the customers. Some of our Hospitality projects includes Orchid Highlands @ Munnar, Goldan Parks Inn @ Kodaikanal, Hotel Mamalla @ Mahabalipuram, The Chocolate room @ Phoenix Mall Chennai, The Pasta Bar Veneto @ VR Mall Chennai, Red Onion @ Bangalore.

Best Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai

Design Infinity has designed a number of projects within the retail and fashion sector. In doing so we understand that the Client expects revenue maximization through a mix of functionality, space utilization and eye-catchy design. Project timeline plays a major role in Commercial Interior projects, especially for a rented space. Team Infinity is highly responsible for delivering the Designs and drawings within the estimated timeline. We believe that a commercial interior design or a Public interior space should be functional and safe without compromising the style and aesthetics. Some of our successful commercial design projects include Nail Culturee Spa @ Chennai, Re-Looking Spa @ Chennai, Stamin Gym @ Chennai, Vibha Boutique @ Erode

Hospitals and Healthcare Interiors :

Team Design Infinity has also gained experience in designing Hospitals and Healthcare sectors. Hospitals and Healthcare Interiors pose unique Challenges and involve various factors. Building norms and code compliance is more important and not negotiable since the Safety and protection of the Patients (Both In patients and out Patients) and employees is paramount. Design Infinity is successful in delivering projects by considering all the Building norms, functionality and aesthetics in parallel. Some of our most important projects are Sudha Hospitals and Fertility center, Mohan diabetic center, Niranjana Hospitals, and RJR Hospitals.

Design Infinity Interior decorators in Chennai follow a methodology in providing an Interior design project to our Client.

  • Interior layout design / Furniture layout design
  • Interior design Concept – presentation and sketches
  • 3D Visualization for all the rooms and spaces
  • Designing of Interior design elements such as Flooring, False ceiling, Lighting and Furniture and Wall paneling.
  • We create a set of Working drawings for Site execution,
  • Interior furniture layout
  • Wall and Partition lineout drawings
  • False ceiling layout
  • Electrical and Lighting design drawing
  • Co ordinate ceiling drawings for all the floors
  • Wall elevation drawings for each room with dimensions
  • Detail drawings of any other elements used in the proposed design.
  • Material Specification detail

Thus the team Design Infinity provides services from planning and 3D Visualizing of spaces to Material selection and Site Coordination. We can customize, optimize and improve the Interior space quality of your buildings, being flexible to your specific needs.


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